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December, 1971 Founded the Korean Statistical Society and held the first general convention.
July, 1972 Held the first conference of Statistics.
March, 1973 Published the first issue of the Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, JKSS.
November, 1981 Held the 10th Anniversary Statistical Meeting.
July, 1982 Held the first Korea and Japan joint conference of Statistics.
March, 1987 Published the first issue of the Korean Journal of Applied Statistics, KJAS.
January, 1988 Published the "Glossary of Statistical Terms."
February, 1988 Began publication of the Korean Statistical Society Newsletter.
March, 1988 Founded "Statistical Computing Section."
April, 1988 Founded "Statistical Education and Consulting Section" and "Survey Statistics Section."
April, 1989 Founded "Daegu-Gyeongbuk" and "Busan-Gyeongnam" regional Chapters.
July, 1989 Founded "Honam-Cheju" and "Gangwon-Gyeonggi-Incheon" regional Chapters.
January, 1990 Founded "Biostatistics Section."
February, 1990 Founded "Industrial Statistics Section."
May, 1991 Held the 20th Anniversary Statistical Meeting.
May, 1992 Conferred the 1st "Award for Excellent Junior Statistician."
January, 1993 JKSS and KJAS were indexed in Current Index to Statistics.
1993 Founded "Classification Section."
December, 1994 Published the first issue of the Korean Communications in Statistics, KCS.
August, 1995 Hosted ICSQP95 International Conference.
December, 1995 Founded "Official Statistics Section."
January, 1996 Founded "Bayesian Statistics Section."
March, 1997 Published the 2nd edition of "Glossary of Statistical Terms."
August, 1997 Founded "North American Chapter."
August, 2001 Held the International Statistical Symposium in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary
August, 2001 Held the 53rd International Statistical Institute World Statistics Congress 2001.
November, 2001 Held the 30th Anniversary Statistical Meeting.
May, 2002 Held the first "Ilsong" invited lecture.
November, 2004 Conferred the first "Award for Distinguished Service."
November, 2006 Conferred the first KSS Gallup Korea Award, the first Outstanding Statistical Contribution Award, and the first Student Poster Award.
October, 2007 Founded “Statistics in Sports Section.”
January, 2008 KCS was retitled as Communications of the Korean Statistical Society, CKSS.
March, 2008 JKSS began to be published by Elsevier B. V.
June, 2009 Held the first IMS Asia Pacific Rim Meeting.
July, 2011 Held “2011 KSS International Conference on Statistics and Probability“ in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Korean Statistical Society.
November, 2011 Held the first Young Statisticians Meeting.
June, 2012 Conferred the first Student Paper Presentation Award.
November, 2012 Conferred the first Outstanding Statistical Application Award.
January, 2013 CKSS was retitled as Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods, CSAM.
May, 2013 Founded “Statistics in Finance and Insurance Section.”
January, 2020 JKSS began to be published by SpringerNature.